Whenever you hear the word Chiropractor you immediately think of adults who have back problems or neck problems but you would not normally associate a Chiropractor with kids. The truth of the matter is that children can also benefit greatly from Pediatric Chiropractic care as well and more and more parents are starting to see the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment for not only themselves but for their kids too. [Read More…]


fake blueberries

Whole grain, fiber, wheat and Blueberries - What could be healthier? Think again.......

I would venture to guess most parents would think that when you see a cereal and it says “Blueberry” somewhere on it, that you think you’re giving your child a pretty healthy cereal (for the most part.) It’s a blueberry for crying out loud. All we hear about are how great blueberries are for kids as they’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants and are arguably one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It HAS to be good for kids so let’s buy more stuff with blueberries like Blueberry Pop tarts, Blueberry Bagels and Blueberry Muffin mix to make fresh muffins for their morning breakfast. Now THAT’S being a good parent, providing a good breakfast with healthy blueberries, right? Well, not really. [Read More…]


healthy school lunch

Imagine a healthy school lunch salad bar in every school in America!

I’ve always had a big concern that our kids are not getting a healthy school lunch even though there has been a ton of press over the last year to make sweeping changes to the quality of foods our kids are being provided. How many times do you hear about school lunch programs either locally or really anywhere in America today that consist of chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers (pink slime!) and very little in the way of good nutritious fruits and vegetables. You hear it every day and your kids experience it everyday as well but in one school in Richland, WA, there are sweeping changes to the school lunch program that have recently been instituted that would make this school lunch the envy of the country. [Read More…]


Ear Infection Antibiotics

Some doctors say children taking ear infection antibiotics may be doing more harm than good.

This is a very interesting video snippet from a presentation by Dr. Tiffany Johnson where she discusses why kids do not need ear infection antibiotics and that there are natural remedies that can be used to cure and prevent recurrence. Although this natural ‘cure’ is recommended, it definitely will be culture shock to most of us who are used to the doctor or pediatrician prescribing antibiotics for an ear infection or any bacterial infection for that matter. [Read More…]


fluoride in water

Health officials believe the lack of flouride in water from bottling companies may be causing increases in dental problems in kids.

Dentists are now saying that the lack of fluoride in water, mainly in bottled water, is a reason for the increase in numbers of tooth decay issues in children. Many communities supplement their water to add fluoride however the same cannot be said for bottled water which normally does not contain added flouride. Dentists and health officials believe that parents who are opting to provide bottled water to their kids may be hurting their chances of developing healthy gums and teeth. [Read More…]


Diabetes and Soda



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Northwestern High MD Protests

It’s amazing how a simple school protest by High School students over some very important things to kids can get blown out of proportion and turned into near riot situations.

In this particular case, it appears these kids were upset over the nutrition in their school lunches and some other issues regarding there teachers and what was to be a simple protest ended up being a crazy situation that even involved police canine units being used as intimidation….to HIGH SCHOOLERS! This is out of control and I really hope the parents start to get involved here as this school has some serious issues to contend with. You HAVE to check out this VIDEO and ARTICLE! [Read More…]


Active Kids

A new study recently released is basically confirmation about what just about everyone knows…..that active kids are healthier than sedentary kids. However, it does point out one really important thing and that is we probably spend too much time reducing that sedentary time while we should be spending much more time promoting active time. There is definitely a difference between the two. [Read More…]


Kids Smoking

Will ads like this deter your children from ever smoking cigarettes? The CDC hopes it does.

Outside of drinking, kids smoking issues is probably one of the biggest problems in this country today and it’s something that parents dread talking about. Smoking causes so many disabilities, deaths and disease that one would wonder why cigarettes, cigars and tobacco in general are still legal, but they are for those over age 18. So why are kids smoking more and more these days? [Read More…]


Vitamin B Rich Foods

The Pediatrician says your child needs more Vitamin B but does that mean more pill supplements?

You’ve tried everything to get your little one to eat right. Your doctor said he needs more vitamin B in his diet. The doctor said it’s really easy to integrate more foods into his diet . . . but the doctor doesn’t know your son. A vitamin B rich foods list will only take you so far, but if you want him to try new things you know you’ve got to get creative. [Read More…]