Kids Health

Kids Health

Tips and Expert Advice on a Number of Health Topics and Issues Related to Infants, Toddlers, Children and Teens.


Behavior and Emotions

Behavior and Emotions

Kids behaviors and emotions can change dramatically as they grow older and encounter different situations in life. Learning how to cope with these changes as a child and as a parent or guardian is essential for behavioral and emotional well being.


Diseases and Conditions

Diseases and Conditions

There are literally thousands of diseases and medical conditions, many of which can affect young and older children. There is no substitute for a doctors advice but our articles will get parents thinking about properly handling the situation when it arises.

Children Feelings


Children experience so many emotions – like happy, sad, mad and glad – and it’s important to help them manage their feelings in a healthy way. Promoting emotional well being in our children is important and we’re here to help you help them.

First Aid for Children

First Aid

Knowing basic First Aid is important for everyone young and old but especially for parents. Kids will have many cuts and bruises throughout their childhood and knowing how to handle things each time can save you a lot of heartache and money too.

Children and Fitness


Is your child getting enough exercise or do they spend all day in front of the television? Most children are very active and fitness is normally not a huge issue. Exercise, school sports and other activities can help them stay healthy and fit.

Growth and Development in Children

Growth and Development

Whether you have an infant or a teenager at home we cover many of the topics about how to monitor their stages of growth. We’ll also discuss the essentials when it comes to physical development and also include topics about nutrition and emotional growth as well.

Illnesses and Injuries in Children


Common childhood injuries are something every parent will encounter. We’ll talk symptoms and remedies and provide advice on how to handle injuries among children and adolescents.

Infections in Children


Find articles on common and not so common infections that affect children of all ages.

Medicine and Drugs for Children

Medicine and Drugs

It is important to teach kids about using medicines safely. Learn about educating kids about medicines, common over the counter medicines for children and other topics related to medication and prescription drugs.

Nutrition in Children


Creating good nutrition habits in the early years will stay with kids throughout their entire lives. Learn about proper diets, vitamins and nutrients as well as creating meal plans for busy lifestyles.

Children Safety


Safety encompasses so many facets of a child’s life. Find out how to teach safety to your children including safety tips for home and school and find out about children’s safety products and items that all parents should consider.

Schools and Jobs for Children

Schools and Learning

Find out how a child’s healthy habits are not just meant for home but in school as well.

Sickness in Children


Even the healthiest kids get sick once in a while. Learn about the different sicknesses and illnesses that your child is likely to encounter and how to treat them.

Children Weight Issues

Weight Issues

Weight problems are not just affecting adults but children as well. Find out methods to teach your children how to safely lose or gain weight as well as suggestions to living a healthy lifestyle.

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