7 Important Tips for Burn Treatment at Home

Burn Treatment at Home

Burn Treatment at Home - There are a lot of dangers in the home and burns can sometimes happen. But there are some simple things parents can do to help heal those wounds.

Whether your little one was too eager to get a cookie off the baking rack or got a little too zealous trying to blow out that birthday candle, learning about burn treatment at home is very important for life’s little unexpected surprises. While some home remedies work wonders, ease pain and fight off infection, other well-known solutions actually make injuries worse, promoting infection and the growth of bacteria.

It is important to know that some burns cannot be treated at home. If your child has been badly burned or exhibits any of these symptoms you should take them to the hospital or call 911 immediately.

  • Sudden weakness and/or numbness
  • Chest pain
  • Bleeding that is severe
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Any other medical emergency

If your child does not have any of these symptoms and has a burn that can be treated at home, the following at home remedies will help get him or her get on the fast track to healing. If your child has a bad burn call 911 instead.

7 Important Tips for Burn Treatment at Home

1. Just Say NO to Butter

You have probably heard from your great grandmother that the best way to treat burns at home begins with an old favorite from the fridge, butter. While it was once thought that butter coated the burn and helped it heal now we know that’s not true. Butter actually does quite the opposite creating the prime breeding ground for bacteria to multiply within a burn which can lead to infection. Instead opt for running the burn under cool water to stop the burning.

2. Use Cool Cloths

Cool cloths can help with the pain that a burn causes and it can also help the burn heal. Make sure cloths are clean to avoid infection.

3. Take Cool Showers/Baths

Taking cool showers can also help to ease the pain caused by burns. This also helps to keep the area clean, lessening the possibilities of infection.

4. Apply Aloe

Aloe Vera is a natural healer and is an inexpensive way to treat and ease burns. While Aloe Vera gel can be bought at any drug store, the sap straight from an Aloe Vera plant is more powerful. Many parents like to keep their own Aloe plant in the kitchen. It’s a handy and natural addition to the medicine cabinet.

5. Try Hydrocortisone

While it’s a little known method for burn treatment at home, hydrocortisone can really help heal burns and the itching that follows as they heal. Try it in combination with Aloe Vera to really speed your little one’s healing along.

6. Chamomile

Chamomile is a great alternative for burn treatment at home. Chamomile oil can be used to rub over a wound and will encourage fast healing and provide soothing relief. You can also use chamomile tea bags by seeping them in water for 15 minutes and rubbing the tea bag on the burn gently.

7. Get Advice for Chemical Burns

Different forms of chemicals will require different treatments and the list is too vast to list in one article. If your child has developed a chemical burn, identify the chemical and a call the Poison Control National Hotline at 1-800-222-1222. Calls are confidential. A poison control expert will be able to tell you how to treat the chemical burn and if burn treatment at home can be practiced safely.

As with any injury, when your child gets burned it can be frightening for both your child and you. Remember to try to stay calm and think things through. Your child takes cues from you and seeing you calm, steady and relaxed can make all the difference in diverting tears and fears to a calmer place. And, although burn treatment at home can be a scary thing for both parents and children, being prepared ahead of time will go a long way to making the situation better quicker.

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