Adventure Story Encourages Kids to Eat Healthy

Jolene --- Adventures of a Junk Food Queen

I wanted to let everyone know about a great book for kids from Authors Alexa Palmer and Catharine L. Kaufman that deals with a subject that I write about often, kids nutrition. The book is called “Jolene — Adventures of a Junk Food Queen” and it’s a really cool book written for kids about a little girl named Jolene that loves junk food but learns all about the wonderful world of healthy foods in her very wild dreams.

When it comes to teaching our kids to eat healthy, one of the toughest things to get across to younger children is that too much junk food is bad for them and that they need to begin eating more fruits and vegetables with their meals. As parents, we’re not always successful at getting that point across and that is where a good book like this one helps get the point across to our young kids in a way that they can relate to.

If you’re struggling with a fussy child who simply won’t eat healthy, I would encourage you to give this book a try. ‘Jolene — Adventures of a Junk Food Queen‘ not only has a great storyline but it also has some really great illustrations that can hold a child’s attention and present healthy eating in a fun and unique way. Plus, there are some really fun kid friendly smoothie recipes that you and your kids will both enjoy so it’s like two books in one!

Click HERE or or on the picture above and check out the Amazon deal going on right now for this book!

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