Why Energy Drinks and Kids Don’t Mix

Energy Drinks and Kids

If your kids are drinking these daily, you need to start asking WHY.

Energy Drinks and Kids

Energy drinks and kids has become a huge issue in our country and our schools and it doesn’t help that energy drinks are found in vending machines, local stores and just about anywhere kids shop. You can’t watch TV for more than a 1/2 hour without seeing a commercial for one of these caffeine laden drinks that are portrayed to solve your sluggishness and cure you of being tired, at least for a few hours. But are all of these drinks and supplements that are meant to temporarily boost your energy really that good for our kids who, although the companies won’t admit to, are being targeted with these crafty commercials?

Anu Prakash from ABC-7 in Michigan had a recent report that dove into the issues surrounding energy drinks and kids.

Dr. Shelley Street Callender is a sports medicine specialist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and advises kids not to consume them at all.

“More research needs to be done as to how they affect children, but they weren’t meant to be used in children. Even for adults they get hyperstimulated and have problems with it,” she says.

Dr. Street Callender says some energy drinks just have way too much caffeine in them for kids.
She says in some cases it’s equivalent to three or four cups of coffee.

“And it’s not just caffeine. They have herbal substances that are also stimulants so they might be getting 3 to 4 to 5 times of stimulation that they should really be having anytime during their day.”

She says all that stimulation can result in dangerous health risks for kids such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and fainting.

Source: WXYZ.com

However, the people who make 5-hour Energy have a different view (obviously) of their product. In this informative video from the company, they mention the good things that make 5-hour Energy a more healthy option.  But is adding all of that extra caffeine into our veins really a healthy solution?

It’s hard to defend the fact that these drinks are getting into the hands of our children everyday, many times at very dangerous levels. For a child to consumer a couple of cans per day of an energy drink, they are getting enough caffeine that a normal adult would get in 6-10 cups of coffee and that is extremely disturbing.

A report a few months back on really gave a good perspective on the issue parents are facing when it comes to energy drinks and kids.

This all again comes back to my theme when it comes to nutrition and what we should do first. Parents need to get more involved in their kids lives and lay the law when it comes to things that can affect their health in a bad way. One energy drink is too much and they should be banned from your household as they absolutely provide no nutritional value whatsoever. If your child or teenager complains they’re too tired and they need it, then tell them to get to bed earlier and stop complaining. Generations have grown up and made it through their school years without the need of energy drinks and so should this generation as well.

Energy Drinks and Kids simply do not mix.

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