What is Puberty For Boys?

What is Puberty For Boys

Every boy goes through it but what is puberty for boys?

Although moms and dads would love to keep their little ones young forever there comes a time when little kids must start to grow up. This can be a very difficult time for both parents and kids. Parents are sad to see their little ones getting older and kids need assurance as they strive to cope with the changes in their lives. Between the ages of 10 and 14, most girls and boys begin to exhibit changes in their bodies though some will be early or late bloomers. This is called puberty. But what is puberty for boys?

Though the average age for puberty is 10 to 14, in boys it is common for some kids to begin puberty at a mere 9 and some not until their 15th birthday. If your child is a late bloomer don’t worry. All kids are different and mature at their own pace. Puberty begins when the body begins to produce extra amounts of hormones. These hormones are responsible for the changes that will take place in your child’s life at this time.

Below are a few simple answers to the difficult question “What is puberty for boys?”

While your child will not need to shave right away in most cases, at some point their facial hair will become more prominent. Some boys may be proud that they can grow a mustache while others may feel embarrassed because they look different. Though most parents prefer that their little boys not look too old too soon, you should try to respect your child’s need to be an individual. Puberty is a very difficult time for kids and a great time to pick your battles wisely.

Body Odor
As your child matures he will begin to perspire more. Body odor is a normal part of growing up. Encourage your child to shower at least once a day. Let them pick their own scent of deodorant. Antiperspirants plus deodorant brands work best. If deodorant doesn’t help consult your child’s doctor. There are some deodorants that come in prescription strength.

Because of the new amounts of hormones in your child’s body, break outs are to be expected. This can be a very common cause of self-esteem issues. Now is a good time to teach your child about good personal hygiene and teach them how to start a daily face cleansing regimen. Spot treatments for acne are also a great thing to have on hand to help keep breakouts at bay and shorten the healing time of unexpected breakouts.

Mood Swings
If you asked a parent with a teenage boy what puberty is for boys they would say one thing . . . mood swings! Puberty can make your perfectly sweet little guy become an irritable, lazy TEENAGER! While mood swings often strike fear in parents, especially those who have a close bond with their children, remember that this too shall pass. Now is a great time to exercise unconditional love and help guide your child through their changing emotions.

Self Esteem Issues
Puberty a time of great uncertainty for children . . . With so many changes taking place it can make them unsure of their place in the world. Self-esteem issues are not uncommon during this time. Encourage your child by helping them feel good about themselves. Let them pick out a new wardrobe or get a new haircut. Offer reassurance when you can.

So what is puberty for boys? It’s a time when kids need a lot of extra support and guidance. As you help your son find his place in the world, remember, that this too shall pass and one day you’ll be looking back and thinking what a great job you did on what will one day be your grown son.

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