Vaccinations For Children – Are Unimmunized Kids A Danger to Your Child’s Health?

vaccinations for children

This news report recently came out of the Kansas City area from KMBC-TV regarding the dangers of children who are not being vaccinated for diseases, most notably the measles. The bottom line is that way more children have benefited from being vaccinated from disease than have been harmed by them and in my eyes the benefits outweigh the risks greatly.

Now I know this is purely something that each parent needs to address on their own but from this parent’s eyes, vaccinations for children are important and beneficial. It actually scares me to think that when I’m sitting in a doctors office with my little girl or boy that there may be a child there that has not been vaccinated that may be carrying some disease that would harm my children.

If you’re against vaccinations for children or for them, watch this video and see what can happen. It’s not a scare tactic by any means but a harsh reality about what can happen when you take a chance and you’re wrong.

Since I can’t embed the video, I’m providing a link to KMBC’s website here for you to view:


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