Pacifier Weaning Tips for Moms: Bye, Bye Binky!


Pacifier Weaning

Pacifier Weaning

Ah, Pacifier weaning . . . the two most feared words in the English language. When your baby first came along the binky was her comforter when you couldn’t be around. It was the fail safe for long car trips to Grandmother’s house and a little bit of calm when she got her very first cold.

Her love of the binky suited you and your spouse just fine. It meant after all that you could get dinner on the stove, sit and watch your favorite soap opera without interruption and actually get to wash the shampoo out of your hair. So now that it’s time to say goodbye to the pacifier . . . it really does affect you too.

You already know how upset she gets when her binky goes missing or when you time the dishwasher wrong and it doesn’t get clean before her nap is over. Pure chaos! So, you are probably wondering exactly how this pacifier weaning thing is going to go.

The first thing to remember is that progress sometimes becomes stagnant and sometime digresses. This is perfectly normally. When this happens don’t push too hard. This often means that your child simply isn’t emotionally ready to give up their beloved binky. As you journey on your way to watching your little tot become a big kid, here are few simple tricks for making pacifier weaning less stressful for both you and baby . . .

Encourage big kid behavior

When you see your child exhibiting big kid behavior give them tons of praise. Over the top praise works best. The point is to make sure your child knows how happy it makes you when he or she does something big. For instance, if they choose their sippy cup over their binky or give you their binky to put away for a while. Remember, don’t push.


Keeping your child’s mind and hands busy can be a great method for pacifier weaning. Create fun, special activities for the two of you to share together. Have a block building contest. Hang their art work on a special wall and treat it as a gallery. Have a special gala party for the artist. Watch a favorite video and pretend you’re at the movies. Don’t forget the gummy bears. Whatever it is that distracts your tot from the binky, try it. If it doesn’t work you’ll have lots of fun along the way.


Rewarding your child for his or her efforts is one of the best methods of pacifier weaning. Your child can choose to “turn in” his binky for a favorite toy. Let your child be a part of the experience. Go shopping with your little one and let him pick out a special toy or lovey to take the place of his pacifier.

Give in

Remember that there will be a few steps backwards before pacifier weaning sticks. Just be patient with yourself and your child. If your child begins to act out or cries for the binky, don’t be disappointed if you need to give in. The pacifier has been your child’s comfort for a long time and it isn’t uncommon to have set backs.

Enlist the help of Elmo

Wish you could get his favorite characters to encourage him too? Elmo can help to bid the binky farewell. Sesame Street launched a campaign for toddlers to “put down the pacifier”. It’s a program that lasts a few weeks. It’s free and it is made up of fun videos from Elmo to your child.

Remember that gentle encouragement can work wonders. Be patient with your child and yourself. When you do you’ll start to make progress and when the time is right help your little one put down the pacifier.

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