Tanning Bed Dangers and Your Child: Solutions and Facts to a Healthy Glow

Tanning Bed Dangers

Tanning Bed Dangers - Should kids be using tanning beds or is it too dangerous?

From the latest diet fads to the deepest, darkest tan, the media feeds our children unhealthy stereotypes that become their role models. If your child has hit 13, then you have probably already been over why she can’t have a mini-skirt, why she can’t stay out past 9 (even if their friend “Donna’s mom lets them”) and why she can’t get a tattoo . . . but now she wants to get a tan. You know the tanning bed dangers are high but how do you make a 13 year old care? Not easy stuff. First let’s talk about a few of the tanning bed dangers for your child…

Sunburn and Sun Poisoning
Sunburn is an obvious danger of tanning beds and while it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, just 1 sunburn increases your child’s risk for three different types of cancer. That’s a scary thought.

It’s also important to note that teens who want to get dark fast are more likely to nix the start out slowly rule, apply too much oil and stay in the tanning bed too long. This can result in sun poisoning and make your child very sick. From vomiting to high fever, it’s not a fun thing to get.

Early Aging
If sunburn isn’t enough to scare away your teen from the tanning bed dangers out there, early aging is a result of tanning. UV rays increase wrinkles. It may not be something on their minds now but in the future when she sees that first wrinkle at only 19 it will.

Tanning beds increase your child’s risk of cancers. From basal cell carcinoma to melanoma (the most deadly form), just one sunburn increases her risk.

Now that we know a little more about tanning bed dangers, let’s discuss ways to get your daughter interested in alternative ways to get a healthy glow.

Sunless Tanners
There are many great sunless tanners on the market. If you know what to look for you can avoid the cliché of orange, Martian looking skin. Because of tanning bed dangers most celebrities don’t use them. They instead use self-tanners to get their healthy glow. Some of the best inexpensive brands are as follows:

  • Banana Boat- Banana Boat’s self-tanners come in light, medium and dark but they can be used on any skin tone to achieve the level of tan that your teen desires. The best thing of all is that as long as you don’t spread the product too thin it never streaks and it only costs 5 dollars a bottle.
  • Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa– While this brand is a little more expensive, it’s a great tanner for beginners. Because it is filled with essential oils the result is smooth and very hard to mess up. It costs around 15 dollars a bottle but Bath and Body Works offers coupons about once a month which make them more affordable on a teen budget.

When it comes to tanning bed dangers, parents know that they aren’t worth the risk. But it can be a little more difficult to convince teens otherwise. When you’re young everything is here and now. It’s very hard to see past to the consequences. If you are having trouble getting your teen to listen up, style catalogs are filled with beauty musts, the best self-tanners and other tips on looking fab. Give her the magazine with one of the best style choices inside. It will give her a little more incentive to try it . . . and feel a little more luxurious along the way.

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