How to Gain Weight with a High Metabolism

How to Gain Weight with a High Metabolism

Many kids find it tough to gain weight because of their high metabolism.

They called you “chicken legs” when you were growing up . . . and don’t forget “twiggy” and “knobby knees”. But just when your metabolism finally caught up to you, you realize that you have passed along your once extremely high metabolism to your kids.

Back before all the many advances in modern medicine your parents probably didn’t know to ask your doctor how to gain weight with a high metabolism. After all, back then kids who were stick thin were just considered puny and sickly.

Well now there is a name for that too thin, super small, couldn’t-gain-an-inch-if-I-tried frame. High metabolism is to blame for many of today’s children’s incredibly tiny frames. Your doctor may have told you that your child is in the low percentile for his or her weight. If you assume without doctor advice that your child may simply have a high metabolism it’s always best to consult a doctor before taking it as fact as inability to gain weight can also be a sign of diabetes.

If indeed your child’s metabolism is just too speedy for your little guy, here are a few tips on how to gain weight with a high metabolism:

  • Replace sugars with healthy foods high in calories and protein. Sugars can fill little tummies too fast and leave little room for foods that can bulk up kids who are just a little too thin. Sugar is still fine in moderation.
  • Make meals hearty. Instead of serving plain soup, add ground beef or grilled chicken to create a fun stew. Mashed potatoes can be loaded up with gravy, bacon or cheese.
  • If your child is a picky eater, you will have to get creative to get them to eat more. Create fun shapes, smiley faces, veggie “monsters” and more. Set up a pizza bar and let your child decorate their pizza dough with healthy tomato sauce, cheese and their favorite meat and veggies.
  • When possible avoid giving your child beverages thirty minutes before meals. This will fill up their tummies and leave a smaller amount of room for the good stuff.
  • Make snack time count with peanuts, olives, avocados and fish. These items are both healthy and high in good fats.
  • Create fun beverages and give them silly names. A banana/strawberry smoothie can become “Monkey-berry Juice”. Let your child have fun with helping make blended juices and naming beverages. A child is more likely to drink or eat something that they helped to create.
  • Provide your child with a protein filled snack before bed. Peanut butter sandwiches are a favorite treat. Read a favorite book or snuggle up with a movie if your child seems uninterested in eating. Don’t force snacks but encourage them by making them fun.

While the above is a great way to get your child on the fast track to being healthier, you should always ask your doctor how to gain weight with a high metabolism before adding any new routines to your child’s diet. As stated before, high metabolism can also mimic other medical issues such as diabetes, infections and other illnesses. But don’t worry. Most of the time tiny tots are just that . . . made tiny and simply require a little more effort to gain weight.

From the “knobby knees” to the “boney elbows” of the world, how to gain weight with high metabolism isn’t as hard as it once seemed. With a little know how and a lot of hard work you can help your little guy or girl get back to a healthy weight . . . now only if you could take back your fast metabolism.

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