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Humidifier Benefits

When it comes to your child’s room, you can still remember how lovingly you decorated it before they were even born. In anticipation of the big day you meticulously painted tree branches onto the walls, stenciled on adorable forest animals, spent hours shopping for the perfect crib and wouldn’t settle for anything but the softest bedding for their beds. And to think you went through all of that before you even knew them!

Considering how much you loved your child then, your love for them has only grown stronger. You still want the very best for your child but know that you know more about mothering you are interested more in the health side of creating the perfect room. You’ve already put safety plugs in the electrical outlets that just came within reach last month. But if you haven’t gotten a humidifier in your child’s room yet, the humidifier benefits are out of this world for both healthy kids and allergic kids alike.

If you haven’t gotten a humidifier for your child’s room it’s a great buy that really pays for itself in the future. Providing good health and shorter sick days, below is a list of humidifier benefits and what they can do for your family:

Shorter colds more play days
Colds have a funny way of knowing just where to swell tiny noses enough that they make that whistling nose sound when they breathe. If your child has already had their first really bad cold then you know that when your children are sick and can’t sleep . . . you can’t sleep either. Whether you are up all night watching over them like Mother Hen or whether you simply can’t sleep through all the sniffles and sneezes, a humidifier benefits both you and your child, helping your child sleep through the night even with a cold by adding moisture to their nose and lungs, making breathing easier and coughs more productive.

Allergy relief for little noses . . . and lungs!
Allergy suffers are prone to nose bleeds, itchy dry eyes and more icky symptoms. Nose bleeds in allergies are commonly caused by nasal dryness. A humidifier benefits your little one’s nose by adding much needed moisture and creating less tissue-stuck-up-the-nostril moments!

In addition, the humidifier benefits asthma suffers as well. Moisture helps ease agitated air ways and bronchial branches. A humidifier can soothe inflammation in the lungs and lead to fewer asthma attacks and healthier lungs.

Soothes dry skin and eases Eczema
Dry skin can leave little ones itchy and red. Some kids may love the scent that lotion leaves behind others may not like the way it feels or even be able to tolerate lotions due to allergies. A humidifier benefits dry skin and helps fight the battle of eczema as well, supplying the skin’s cells with much needed moisture.

A room that stays beautiful
If you already knew the above humidifier benefits you probably didn’t know that not only can your humidifier keep your little one healthy it can also keep their room and prized possessions looking stellar. Humidifiers keep furniture from cracking, paint from chipping and even keep wall papers looking shiny and new.

If you are worried that a humidifier will look too medical in your child’s whimsical room, there are many humidifiers on the market today that are just as fun as your décor. From turtles and frogs to race cars and more, humidifiers come in a variety of fun looks.

As your child grows older, you only love them more. Keeping them healthy is a rewarding part of parenting and while the medical side of parenting isn’t quite as glamorous as decorating his first nursery . . . in the end, providing your child with a healthier start will decorate their life in ways you can only imagine.

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