How To Qualify For Medicaid In Florida

How To Qualify For Medicaid In Florida

Our readers have asked how to qualify for Medicaid in Florida and HAFK has the answer.

No matter who you are, everyone needs a helping hand now and then. This can be especially true in our society today where the economy of our nation seems to be getting worse and worse. So if you and your family are struggling, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and striving to make ends meet and this is also very true in the great state of Florida. We’ve had a number of questions from our readers asking how to qualify for Medicaid in Florida and as always, we’re here to help!

If your child is without insurance in Florida you may qualify for Medicaid. Below is a list of those who may be eligible to receive benefits from the state of Florida:
• Low income families
• Children
• Pregnant women
• The disabled or aging who do not currently receive SSI
• Immigrants with medical emergencies

Now that we know who may be eligible let’s find out how to qualify for Medicaid in Florida. You can access Florida’s site for Medicaid here. To apply for Medicaid you can visit your local health department or DFCS (Department of Children and Families.) The application process will require that you provide the following:
• Proof of income (normally three months’ worth of pay stubs)
• Proof of identity (social security/id)
• Child’s birth certificate
• Proof of address (a bill in your name that comes to your home address)

If you find that you and your family do not qualify for Medicaid you may qualify for Florida Kidcare which provides insurance to uninsured children. The only difference between Medicaid and Kidcare is that you will pay a monthly premium according to your income. If you do not qualify for either program, look into free clinics in your area. Some clinics also offer discounts to uninsured patients and some offer billing on a sliding scale fee according to your income. Your local Health Department will also house doctors who will provide care for your children at discounted rates. Dental services, ob/gyn services and vaccines are also available.

If you have a child under the age of 5, are pregnant, are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you may also qualify for the WIC program. The WIC program provides vouchers for formula, necessary nutrients like milk, eggs, cheese, beans, peanut butter and juice to pregnant and nursing mothers and growing young children.

There are other forms of help available in your area and you may also be interested in seeing if you qualify for food stamps. You can apply online here. Food stamps have changed a lot in the last few years. Stamps have been replaced by what looks like a debit card. This not only saves time in line but also provides discretion. However, note that even if you qualify for Medicaid you may not qualify for food stamps. The income limit is much more strict and unlike Medicaid in Florida you cannot count an unborn child as a member of the household. You can however count the baby once it arrives if you are expecting.

If you do not qualify for food stamps, local Salvation Army branches or local churches may be able to offer support. Don’t feel ashamed for asking for help. Everyone needs help at some point in providing for their family and there is no shame in taking a helping hand where offered. Phone numbers for local churches can be found in your phone book. Share your needs with your local church, regardless of if you attend, many churches have funds for community outreach and would be happy to provide a meal, groceries or even other needs if possible.
So we hope we answered some of those readers who wanted to know how to qualify for Medicaid in Florida. We included some other options as not everyone will meet Florida’s Medicaid qualifications but as always we urge you to reach out to your local city, town or municipality or even your family physician for additional info.

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