What is Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons Disease

The verdict is still out on Morgellons Disease. Is it a mental illness or something much more?

There has been a lot of chatter online lately about something called Morgellons Disease which many are calling a very ‘creepy’ illness, affecting both adults and children. The reason it’s being labeled as ‘creepy’ is because the illness tends to leave those inflicted with painful lesions on their skin, tingling sensations in their legs, mental confusion, itching and the feeling that bugs are crawling all over their body. But is Morgellons Disease really a disease or is it just an illusion or mental related illness?

According to a Government study (the first ever done by the US Government on this condition) all indications are that Morgellons Disease is not contagious or infectious and it is not directly related to anything in our environment. The study points out that because there is nothing directly in our surroundings that is causing the outbreak, the most likely cause is believed to be related to a mental illness of some sort. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believe that those suffering from this condition should seek psychiatric treatment as the care from professionals in the psychiatry field are better suited to deal with the mental aspects of this illness than other medical professionals or physicians.

However, many disagree with the recent study and insist that more study has to be done to find out what is causing Morgellons Disease. The symptoms can become so unbearable to children and adults suffering from this illness that many doctors are concluding they are delusional or mentally ill. Those inflicted think otherwise.

Most of them aren’t ready to accept that the mysterious illness that plagues them is all in their head.
“We just want to be acknowledged. This is not a delusion,” said Cindy Casey, 49, who worked as a nurse in a Bay Area intensive care unit for 16 years before she went on disability from Morgellons. She now lives in Texas, where she runs a foundation for Morgellons research.

“We would really love to understand the etiology and be able to hope for some kind of treatment,” Casey said. “A cure is really too much to ask for at this point, but to be able to manage the symptoms would be good.”

Source: SFGate.com

Because this is the first and only study done by the Government and CDC, most feel the verdict on Morgellons Disease is not out yet. The illness, which dates back to the 1600’s, has long been dismissed as only existing in the minds of the patient and there has simply not been enough studies on the subject to determine what actually causes the symptoms. Many have also wondered whether there is link to other diseases or conditions that have similar symptoms much like Lyme Disease or whether it is related specifically to a geographic location since many patients live on the west coast in California. The bottom line is that the recent Government study confirms one thing – that more research is needed to find out what really is causing this debilitating disease. It’s one thing to dismiss this as a mental illness but when there are physical signs of lesions and oozing sores throughout a child’s body, there is no doubt more research must be done.

For those looking for more information about Morgellons Disease or just looking for support groups that can assist in coping with this illness, see below for some organizations that are doing work to help those afflicted.

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