The Five Best Websites For Toddlers

Websites For Toddlers

In a world where mom and dad bring their office work home, it’s easy to see why little ones are so fascinated by the computer. Toddlers are born to be mini mimickers. This is how they learn. They long to be like dad fixing the drip in a leaky faucet or like mom typing up a Monday morning report. If you aren’t quite ready to let your little guy help with the financial report for your law firm, these websites for toddlers are a great way to get him on the fast track to becoming a little genius.

Disney Junior
Disney houses some of your children’s favorite characters. From Jake and the Never Land Pirates to Special Agent Oso and classics like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, Disney Junior is a great place for your tiny tot to hang out with his favorite friends. There are plenty of videos, full episodes and clips that will keep your toddler entertained while you cook up Saturday night spaghetti and also lots of games that are educational in nature. Toddlers especially love the special character greetings along the way that make the website come to life.

Sprout Online
Picked by parents as the easiest of the websites for toddlers to learn and operate, Sprout Online is simple enough for toddlers to operate on their own if they have common knowledge of how a computer operates. There is a special section for parents with more options for video viewing and games. Then there is a special “sproutlets” button that takes kids to a super easy to operate section of the site that includes videos, games and more. Reading isn’t required on the Sproutlets section. Children can navigate by pictures.

PBS Kids
PBS Kids is a great learning tool for kids of all ages. It is a great grow with me site and features childhood favorites like Clifford, Barney, Author and much more. The only thing to take in account with the websites for toddlers at PBS is that it’s a good idea to try out the game your child wants to play first to see if they are easy enough for your toddler. Some games are meant for older kids and little ones can get frustrated when a game is too far above their level.

Sesame Street
Sesame Street has survived many generations and has taught children of yesterday who went on to be lawyers, doctors, presidents, nurses and teachers. Sesame Street’s websites for toddlers take the benefits of old school Sesame and use modern technology to teach kids beyond their one hour television slot. Toddlers will especially love Elmo’s Counting Chickens game which requires nothing more than “counting eggs” by clicking the mouse. There is no time limit and no wrong choices. Kids are rewarded for “counting” all the eggs with a chicken dance by Elmo!

Nick Junior
Among the most popular websites for toddlers, Nick Junior has become a leading force in children’s educational television today. Featuring characters such as Blue’s Clues, Max and Ruby, Dora the Explorer and more, Nick Junior helps kids learn with fun, easy to play games, videos and printables. Their website even boasts of a special parents section for articles, how to videos, recipes, contests and more.

There are many websites for toddlers on the web today but a good rule of thumb before allowing your child to play is to look over the website yourself. Very seldom will there be content you don’t approve of but occasionally there may be games that are just a little too difficult for toddlers. Checking out the site beforehand can ensure that playtime is fun . . . and that difficult frustrations don’t turn into trying tantrums for mom and dad.

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