A Cardinal Rule – If You Won’t Eat It, Don’t Feed It To Them


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Find out one of the three rules that Penny Kane (from MySoulsRole.com) teaches to parents to decrease the amount of chemicals in their children's food.


When my daughter was a toddler I constantly used to run out of ways to feed her. She had food allergies so cooking clean was something that I had to learn. In the midst of that learning curve I made a zillion mistakes. Here is one that haunts me.

When I got lazy, I would open a can of canned ham and mash it up for her. I would gag when I was picking out the white jelly that formed in between the ham chunks. Literally, I gagged and could barely look at it. Then to ease my conscience I would give her some steamed broccoli and carrots to go along side the mashed up ham. I remember her cute pudgy little face smiling happily at me as she sat in her highchair and mowed the delicacy I had whipped up for lunch. When I picked her up to wipe her face I had to turn my scent off so I couldn’t smell the ham. You know when you make yourself stuffy so you can’t smell? I, Penny Kane cannot stand the white jelly chunks in canned ham and I can’t even bear to smell it. I am strong in that conviction for myself but here’s the kicker, I fed it to my daughter. I get it now, it’s wrong. That particular epiphany didn’t come very quickly so unfortunately she has eaten her fair share of canned ham.

I have adopted a new cardinal rule. If I won’t eat something, I won’t feed it to my kids. This rule applies to those foods that you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. It also applies to the foods you will not eat because the thought of them makes you sick. Let’s say that there wasn’t such thing as weight gain. We were all a perfect size (whatever your ideal would be) and food did not change that. Would you feed yourself a bowl of Fruit Loops and wash it down with some chocolate milk before heading off to work? Or if time was running short would you grab a quick ring pop for the road? I am guessing that most of you can feel the sugar crash even reading this. We know that high sugar, empty calorie foods do not help us go the distance and directly affect our mood. That does not differ for a kid. Size and age do not make you exempt from the repercussions of nutrient less food. In fact, they feel it more.

Look at it this way. Kids do not have a choice about what goes in their mouth. They do not have the liberty to go to the grocery store and pick out the foods that help them feel good. They rely on us for that. This parent role is a big deal, and how you feed your child is huge. If you won’t eat it because it makes you feel bad, don’t feed it to your kids.

If you follow this very important cardinal rule you will not only have a happier child more willing to eat what is on their plate, but you will substantially decrease the amount of chemicals that your child eats. Next time you catch yourself feeding a quick prepackaged or convenience food to your child be sure to check out the ingredient list and you will understand why you wouldn’t eat it yourself!

Penny KanePenny Kane is a Chemical Reduction Educator & proud Mama Bear to two beautiful daughters who both have food allergies & chemical sensitivities.  She has spent the last 10 years researching why & feels strongly that an overload of chemicals in our environment is creating a much different paying field for our children.  We as parents are the change they are looking for .  Through simple easy food & product changes we can restore their health. Read more at MySoulsRole.com.

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