Vending Machine Serves Up Kids Health Tips Instead of Junk Food

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Intermountain Healthcare has come up with a great way to get the message across to kids about the risks of too much junk food.


While companies everywhere are trying to find ways to get kids to buy their products and eat their junk food, one company is doing everything they can to get kids to eat healthy. And how are they doing that? With a quirky but informative TALKING VENDING MACHINE!

Intermountain Healthcare, a health care non-profit based out of Salt Lake City, UT, is taking the next step in fighting against childhood obesity and promoting healthy eating by installing talking food vending machines in locations throughout the state of Utah. The LiVe Vending Machine does not accept any money from kids and actually doesn’t even give out any food. What the machine does is it delivers a funny message to kids letting them know the unhealthy snacks they’re looking for are not good for them and they should make better choices.

The messages are not just funny, they’re hilarious! However they do get the point across in such a way that I think kids will really listen (yes, to a vending machine!) Kids are so used to throwing money into these machines at school and malls that they do not realize the health risks that come with eating too much junk food. It’s great to see a company taking steps to get the word out that junk food is junk while doing it in a kid friendly and fun way.

Take a look and see the LiVe Vending Machine in action here!


By far one of the best and most creative things to come from a health care company in a LONG LONG time! Great idea and kudos to those that came up with the talking vending machine at Intermountain Healthcare.

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