Hand Washing For Kids


hand washing for kids

With colds and Flu rampant across the country, it's time to teach kids how to properly wash their hands.


Hand Washing For Kids

One of the things that has changed since my daughter started going to school daily is my awareness of how many germs and viruses she can bring home. As a work-from-home Dad, I’ve been sheltered for quite some time and I’m not exposed very often to the sicknesses that many encounter when they go to an office to work. So, when my daughter began going to school and picking up these little colds and sore throats, I found out that my immune system wasn’t as strong as I had thought. That’s about the time I really started to make sure that the first thing my daughter does when she gets home is WASH HER HANDS!

Hand washing is such a simple thing that most of us do every day but it’s even more important when you have school age kids who interact with 30-40 kids on a daily basis. It’s extremely important for the their health and the health of the family to make sure they understand how to properly wash their hands, whether in school or when they’re at home, to make sure they avoid catching colds or passing on sicknesses to parents or siblings.

I thought I would make a quick video showing how to properly wash your hands but figured why reinvent the wheel when there are many good examples online already. Below is a very simple 1-minute video that shows how to properly wash hands and it’s something that you can watch with your kids as well to teach them the proper method. The only difference about this video is that we mainly use liquid soaps in the kitchen and bathrooms and not bar soaps and you may as well too. That shouldn’t make much of a difference though as the idea behind the video is proper methods, not types of soaps to use. It’s a great refresher on something that many of us don’t even think about but should.

Hand Washing For Kids – How To Video

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