Lead Poisoning In Children


Lead Poisoning In Children

Lead Poisoning In Children - Is there a hidden danger lurking in your walls?

Lead poisoning in children is extremely common but how do you know if your children are being exposed to lead right now in your own home? If your home was built before 1978 (and especially if it’s older than 1960) than there’s a very good chance you and your children are being exposed to lead and that could be a dangerous situation. The EPA estimates that there are 38 million homes across the country that lead based paint regulations effect and that means that 40% of existing homes (many of them with children) could have lead paint issues. That’s a scary statistic.

So how do you tell if your child has been exposed to lead? The problem is it’s very hard to know unless you have both your home and your child tested. The good news is that the disease resulting from lead poisoning is entirely preventable but action needs to be taken by parents to make sure their children are not being exposed to lead paint or lead dust if they live in an older home.

If children are being exposed now it can lead to many side effects that can be lifelong including learning disabilities and recognition related issues which currently have no cures and no recovery. Symptoms of lead poisoning in children include the inability to concentrate in school or absorb the information that the teachers are trying to teach or for older children and teens you may also see learning related issues where they’re unable to understand or recognize simple concepts. The symptoms could be mistaken for many things including the mentality that maybe the children are just slower than the rest. But could it be a lead poisoning issues?

There’s a great video from Keeping Kids Healthy that goes over a lot of the issues related to lead poisoning in children and there’s definitely a lot of good information that parents need to know regarding lead based paint poisoning and how to prevent it and treat it if your children are exposed. It’s 15 minutes that all parents should take to learn more about this important issue and I recommend forwarding this link to all parents you know, especially if you know someone living in an older home that may have lead paint lurking in their walls. Please watch.

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