Flu Vaccination Rates Up Among Kids

flu vaccination

Flu Vaccination rates for kids were up in November compared to last year. The CDC hopes this is a good sign for the 2011-2012 Flu Season.

Flu vaccination rates are definitely up this year, especially among children, but the good news is that the flu has decided to lay low for a while.

Government data was released today indicating an increase in flu vaccinations with the growth in numbers strongest among kids. As of November, over 36 percent of children ages 6-months to 17-years have had their flu vaccine and this is definitely making medical professionals very happy across the U.S. Compared to last year this time, the numbers represent a 6.1 percent increase in children’s flu vaccinations which bodes very well for the upcoming season.

Although these numbers are really good and an increase is encouraging, that still means that nearly 64 percent of kids still do not have their flu shots as we approach the peak flu months of January and February. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have indicated that flu outbreaks have been low so far this 2011-2012 season but as we all know you can only keep the virus away for so long.

If your children haven’t received their flu shots yet, make your appointments now. Sure enough, the winter weather will kick in shortly and next thing you know everyone will be coming down with flu. With the way the weather patterns have been changing lately, I expect this to be a wet, cold, snowy, icy season and that breeds sickness so best to be safe than sorry and get your kids (and yourself) the flu vaccination.

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