How To Avoid Cavities and Tooth Decay This Halloween!

Halloween Candy

We'll show you how to avoid those unnecessary trips to the dentist's office this Halloween!

Just 10 more days until Halloween and kids everywhere are gearing up for the big night of spooks, tricks and treats! At the same time, parents are getting ready for the influx of candy that will be making it’s way into their homes and trying to figure out how to get their kids from eating too much of it. And what is the number one reason parents are worried about too much candy?  You got it, cavities and tooth decay.

The bottom line when it comes to candy is that it’s not terribly bad for your children as long as they don’t over do it. There is nothing wrong with allowing your children to have a few pieces of candy, especially on Halloween, as long as you follow a few simple rules:

1. Make sure you monitor the types and amounts of candy your kids are eating. It’s totally fine that they get to enjoy the spoils of their Halloween Trick or Treating evening but make sure they don’t over do it and eat too much. In addition, candies that are ‘chewy’, such as candy corn, caramels and taffy, can get stuck to their teeth and lead to those dreaded cavities so encourage the less-chewier varieties to help prevent another dentist visit.

2. Brush those teeth! Everyone knows that kids should be brushing after every meal and, when it comes to Halloween and candy, parents should be extra vigilant to make sure kids are brushing to avoid cavities. If you can’t get your children to brush right after eating candy, that is fine. But make sure they are at least brushing after each meal (3-times per day) and definitely before they go to bed each night.

3. Keep an eye on those loose teeth! Many little ghouls, goblins and witches are at the time in their lives when those baby teeth are getting ready to fall out. One swift bite of a Halloween decorated candy apple or giant size chocolate bar and next thing you know, there goes that loose tooth! Monitor small children and make sure to watch for loose teeth during candy time to avoid any painful issues or unplanned trips to the dreaded dentist.

4. Encourage kids to avoid the soft drinks and sodas during those Halloween parties. Studies have shown that sugary sodas are way more harmful to teeth than candy bars so it’s best to encourage kids to drink water or milk instead. Make a deal with them….they can have the candy but NO SODA or POP!

5. Sugar-Free is the way to go! I know this one is a stretch, especially on Halloween, but try to encourage kids to select more sugar free candies and gum. They are much less harsh on teeth and can be just as tasty too.

Listen, Halloween is supposed to be a fun time and I’m the first one in line to make sure my kids get a ton of candy and have a great time. However, I’m also the first one in line to moderate what they eat and how much they eat when it comes to junk foods. As long as you follow the steps above to making sure those little teeth stay in good shape, you’ll be just fine. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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