“The Bully Project” Aims To Stop Bullying In Schools

Stop Bullying In Schools
There has been a lot of focus lately on talk and news shows about the growing ‘epidemic’ of bullying in schools. Recently, Anderson Cooper of CNN’s AC360 hosted a town hall called “Bullying: It Stops Here” to discuss the issues with experts in an effort to bring more attention to this very serious issue.

Bullying is a serious problem that transcends race, age and religion and schools are the battlegrounds for this intensifying problem. The kids being picked on have no idea how to stop it, parents are either not helping or have no idea the problem exists and bullies continue getting away with murder, sometimes literally. As Anderson Cooper put it, there’s been too much talk and not enough action and the town hall was meant to spur action across the country.

There are many ways to battle bullying and one man and his team are fighting back through the use of film. Director Lee Hirsch is set to release his documentary called “The Bully Project” which is a film taken over a full year inside a school studying the ‘bully crisis.’ Simply watching the movie trailer (below) can bring tears to your eyes after seeing what is happening to kids who are continually being harassed, beaten and made fun of on almost a daily basis. At the same time your heart goes out to these kids, that same heart will pump with anger at why these issues can continue in today’s society.

The Bully Project Promo from Lee Hirsch on Vimeo.

Statistics do not lie and according to research from the film, 18 million kids will be bullied in the US just this year alone and 3 million students are actually absent EVERY MONTH for fear of being bullied in school. It’s a tremendous problem that cannot be fully defeated without the help of people like Lee Hirsch and Anderson Cooper using their influence to bring the problem to light.

Personally, as the father of a 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son, I could not imagine my kids ever experiencing the bullying that the kids in ‘The Bulling Project’ encounter on a daily basis. But what I can do from my world-wide-web pulpit is continue to share news and ideas on the issue to at least do my part to make sure people stay in tune to the bulling issue. Stay tuned!

For more information on “They Bully Project” please visit http://www.thebullyproject.com/

For more information on the work being done by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to stop bullying in schools, visit his AC360 blog at http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/category/bullying/

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