Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids
Halloween is one of my favorite times of year as it brings back memories of trick-or-treating when I was a kid and how much fun the entire month was leading up to the big day. Times were simpler back then and nowadays kids have so many activities outside of trick or treating including parties, corn mazes, haunted houses and spooky graveyard tours. With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to talk about safety tips for your kids who will most likely be enjoying some of these festiv Halloween activities.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Getting dresses up in costumes and roaming the neighborhoods for candy is something that many kids will experience this Halloween and it’s a great time to go over some important tips that will keep them safe during this fun time.  Here are a few things you should address with your kids.

1. Make sure an adult is present at all times when smaller children are trick or treating. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to be with their kids at all times, especially when kids are older so make sure you or a friend’s parent is with the kids at all times. In addition, encourage all kids to stay with siblings or small groups as there is always ‘safety in numbers.’

2. Make sure dark costumes have some sort of reflecting tape attached to them to make sure drivers can see your little trick or treaters. Witches, Dracula, goblins and other costumes tend to be mainly black in color and it makes it hard not only for drivers to see your child but for you to locate them as well. Remember, you can always persuade your children to wear lighter colored costumes in leu of reflecting tape as an option. Also, consider bringing along some flashlights or glow necklaces and glow sticks for the children as they also help to let drivers know that kids are nearby.

3. Make sure you stay in well lit neighborhoods. Children tend to be focused only on running to the next house for candy sometimes and are not watching for obstacles like trees and parked cars. A nice Halloween can be ruined by a trip to the emergency room so make sure you stay in lighted areas where kids can see where they’re walking.

4. Stay on sidewalks and driveways, not on front or back yards. You never know when you’ll come across a tree stump or pile of mud in the yard so keep the children safely on the walkways.

5. Kids just love costumes with accessories like swords, brooms, knives and such but these can be dangerous not only to your child but to other children as well. Kids love to dress up and they also love to act out the part and God forbid your child thinks he’s Bruce Lee and decides to try out his new plastic ‘Nunchucks’ on your neighbors dog! Best to avoid costumes with dangerous accessories or at the very least leave the accessories at home until trick-or-treat time is over.

6.  It is rare that you or your child will know or trust everyone in the neigborhood so please make sure you check your child’s goody bag before they eat any candy. Make sure wrapped candy is still wrapped tightly and throw out anything that may be torn or is suspect. Also, check expiration dates as you never know if someone had ‘left over’ Halloween candy from last year that they decided to give out this year! In addition, smaller children should be supervised as some candies can become choking hazards. You can never be too careful when it comes to monitoring and checking the candy your child receives that night.

7. People love to decorate for Halloween but sometimes those decorations can be dangerous. Kids who have flowing costumes need to be careful of lit jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkins, candles and luminaries as they can catch on fire quickly. Steer the kids clear of these hazards.

8. Health and safety going hand in hand. Encourage your little ones to choose the healthier snacks when trick or treating and follow the same rule by handing out healthier treats as well. Raisins, pretzels and popcorn are better options than chocolate and other sugary candies.

Halloween is very exciting and fun for children and adults as well so be safe out there and have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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