Why Cell Phones May Be Dangerous To Kids

Cell Phones Dangerous to Kids

More and more children are using cell phones but are they dangerous and cancer causing?

It has long been suggested that the radiation or radiofrequency energy emitted by cell phones could be a cause of brain cancer.  Today, Health Canada reaffirmed their position on limiting cell phone use in children which is as close to a confirmation as you can get that cell phones very well could be dangerous to use.

Health Canada, the Federal department in Canada responsible for public health, released a statement this past Tuesday advising parents of children less than 18-years of age that they should limit the time their kids spend on cell phones. This is just a few months after the World Health Organization (WHO) released it’s findings regarding the correlation between radiation emitted from cell phones and the ties to developing brain cancer. WHO mentioned in their findings that cellphones are considered a ‘category 2B risk’ which means that the energy produced by cell phones can be carcinogenic to humans.

Both Health Canada and WHO have said that further study is required on the subject but, in response to WHO’s findings in May, Health Canada felt it necessary to release a statement of caution to parents.

With cell phones becoming less expensive throughout the world, the numbers of kids that own a cell phone has gone up dramatically over the last 1-2 years. In Canada alone there are well over 20 million cell phones in use and the percentage of children using them on a daily basis is increasing exponentially. This is partially due to more smart phone applications targeting children and kid friendly gadgets appearing on the market. In the U.S., over 35% of children in the 10-11 age bracket own mobile phones and this number is double what it was just 5-6 years ago. Want an even more disturbing number? It’s reported that more than 5% of children ages 6-7 years old had cell phones in 2009. Just imagine what that number is today with the advent of the Apple iPhone and other popular smart phones. Numbers like this are staggering.

So what can a parent do in an age when just about every child over the age of 13 has a cell phone? The bottom line is parents need to do their part to protect their children from over use of a product that can put out damaging radiation. Parents need to limit their children’s cell phone use on a daily basis and also require children to use headsets if they need to talk on their cell phones. In addition, most companies like AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless offer great reporting tools that will help you monitor cell phone usage. This is a great way to verify how much time a child spends talking and texting and is useful to gauge if a child is spending too much time on the phone and not enough time on school and studies.

And speaking of texting, even though parents hate to see the large texting bills from their children, it is definitely a safer way to use the phone when they need to communicate with someone (as long as they don’t text while driving of course.) Parents should encourage their kids who own cell phones to only call in emergencies or for short duration conversations and to text or wait until they get home to use a land line if a longer conversation is needed. Limiting the time they have those cell phones against their heads and literally inches from their brains just makes sense regardless of how vague the health reports are.

The theme of our posts, as many who read will see, is that parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s well being. That includes caring for their nutrition, schooling and health and to protect them from the dangers that lurk around every corner. If there’s even a remote chance a cell phone could be carcinogenic to people, why take the chance. Start today by limiting your children’s cell phone use and help save their lives in the process.

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