Crib Bumper Ban Could Come Soon in Maryland

Crib Bumper Ban

The State of Maryland could be the first US state to officially ban the sale of crib bumpers.

In what could be a huge victory for health experts, Maryland could become the first state to officially ban the sale of crib bumpers. The ruling is expected to come from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene any day now and it could be the first of many rulings to come across the rest of the nation.

Crib bumpers are padded bumpers that attach to the slats of baby cribs and are mainly used by parents to cushion the area inside the perimeter of a crib so babies and toddlers do not hurt themselves. However, health officials have been campaigning for cities and states to pass legislation to ban the same of crib bumpers as there have been many cases of asphyxiation directly related to their use.

Just a few weeks ago, the city of Chicago became the first city in America to ban the sale of crib bumpers and that is setting the stage for what will most likely be a slew of other states and cities to follow with similar rulings.

Many parents are probably unaware of the dangers associated with crib bumpers as you will find them in just about every major department or kids store throughout the country and news outlets have been slow to spread the news of the dangers associated with bumpers. A recent stop into the Babies ‘R Us store confirmed this as every crib model on the floor had bumpers and many of the bedding sets still include bumpers as well.

Although no recalls have been announced, we expect there to be many companies considering this action as time goes on and more state or city bans are passed. Stay tuned for more details on the crib bumper ban as this debate continues to heat up.

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