Tips For Optimizing The Immune System For Kids

While it’s important you know how to treat your child when they come down with an illness and a disease, it’s even more important you know how to prevent disease and illness in your child as effectively as possible. While teaching them proper hygiene and making sure they get regular checkups is important, there is nothing more crucial to the health of your child than the health of their immune system.

There are many great ways to help optimize the immune system for kids. Here are a few proven methods for ensuring your child has the best internal defenses against illness possible.

1.    Giving Your Child a Head Start

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to optimize your child’s immune system starts before they are even born. Children born to mothers who smoke, drink, do drugs or are consume nutritionally deficient diets are far more likely to have weakened and compromised immune systems from birth than children of mothers who take proper care of their bodies before and during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant or are planning on having a child anytime soon, the best gifts you can give them is quitting smoking, quitting drinking during the pregnancy, not taking any drugs, and making sure you eat enough nutrient dense whole natural foods.

While it’s still possible to strengthen your child’s immune system if you didn’t take the best care of yourself while pregnant, doing so will make everything else more effective.

2.    Breastfeed As Much As Possible

Not only is it a better nutritional choice for your child than bottle feeding them formulas, breastfeeding actually provides an immediate and directly measurable boost to your child’s immune system. That’s because when a mother breastfeeds her child she passes on some of her antibodies to her child. These antibodies run the gamut from factors that fight viruses to healthy bacteria that will defend your child.

While they are developing in the womb babies receive a small amount of their mother’s antibodies through the placenta, but the job of protecting your child against illness isn’t complete until you breastfeed them. Your child will continue to develop and strengthen their personal immune system as they grow up, but they will not have a fully developed immune system until they are 4 or 5 years old. While it’s unlikely and ill-advised to breastfeed your child until that age, it still is important to breastfeed them for as long as possible.

3.    The Importance of a Healthy Diet

There is no other factor more important when it comes to your child’s immune system than the diet you feed them. If you’ve ever paid attention to your own diet than this shouldn’t be a particularly shocking statement to make.

When you base your diet in minimally processed whole natural foods you stay strong and healthy and you don’t get sick. When you eat a lot of processed foods and junk foods your health tends to take a nosedive and you get sick. It’s a very direct correlation that can be observed over and over again each and every day you care to pay attention to your diet, or the diet of others.

And unsurprisingly this correlation holds true for your child as well. To build a strong and healthy immune system in your child, feed them a diet filled with minimally processed whole natural foods. It may not be that easy in this world of highly convenient yet highly processed junk, but it is that simple.

4.    The Remaining Pillars of Good Health

Think for a minute- besides those times when you eat  poor diet, when else are you liable to get sick? If you’re like most people it’s during those times when you are run down, exhausted, overworked and stressed. It’s during those times when you aren’t particularly active and when you’ve neglected exercise. It’s during those times when you don’t allow yourself a break to have some fun.

Even if you haven’t learned the lessons of those above imbalances in your life, don’t leave your child in the dark. Make sure they sleep deeply all night, that they don’t work too hard or stress out about much of anything, and that they are as active as possible. Not only will it result in a healthy kid, but all that will result in a happy kid.

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