3 Popular and Effective Child Conduct Disorder Treatment Methods

Whether your child suffers from a mild or severe conduct disorder, you’ll need to do whatever you can to treat them. It’s important that you have a full understanding of the range of popular and effective treatments available for your child, as knowing your options will help you tailor the right conduct disorder treatment for their individual case.

Here are 3 of the top treatment methods to consider for your troubled child.

1.    Medication

Medication is the most common form of treatment assigned to children as it’s the preferred treatment method of most doctors. While there are alternative therapies that you can incorporate into your child’s healing process at the same time they are taking medication, most doctors will argue there is no real substitute for prescribed drugs.

The drug your doctor prescribes your child will depend on a variety of different factors. In general the worse your child’s behavioral condition the more powerful the drug your doctor will prescribe. This is important to keep in mind, because the more powerful the drug your doctor prescribes the more powerful the negative side effects your child can experience, and the more likely your child will come down with them. Always discuss all available effective options and their side effects with your doctor before approving anything for your child.

If your child’s conduct problems are serious than you will likely feel desperate for whatever will work, but you must always take a step back and make sure you’re making the best treatment decision possible for them.

2.    Psychological Treatment

Many children undergo a combination of drug-based medication and psychological treatment and evaluation.

A big reason why children exhibit more conduct problems now than ever before is the fact they are subject to more stress and pressure than children have ever had to deal with. In addition to increasingly large and hefty workloads placed on them by schools, children also are being strongly encouraged to engage in numerous high-stakes afterschool activities such as competitive clubs and sports. While parents are well meaning when they push their children to succeed, these increased expectations have a price.

While some adults remain skeptical, there are many children who are showing remarkable progress with their behavior conditions by attending psychotherapy sessions. While these sessions often work better when combined with medication, there are young patients recovering entirely from the help of their therapist.

3.    Alternative Therapies

There are a number of alternative therapies that are used and being studied to treat conduct problems in children. While these therapies are occasionally used in combination with drug-medication treatments, more parents are opting to attempt to treat their child entirely using alternative therapies. Some of these parents are pursuing the alternative approach due to fears about medication side effects, while others object to traditional therapies in a more abstract philosophical sense. Others just find alternative therapies to be more cost-effective than expensive medication.

Some alternative therapies seem to help behavior problems in children without necessarily curing these problems. Engaging in more play and exercise with your children, practicing cheap or free forms of direct therapy with them, and providing them with specially tailored diets, are all shown to improve behavior in problematic children.

The form of alternative treatment shown to be most effective in treating, and potentially curing, conduct problems in children is known as behavior therapy. Essentially behavior therapy relies on teachers and parents adopting a system of rewards and punishments relating to different forms of behavior in your child. Instead of attempting to treat your child’s behavior disorder from a cognitive or chemical perspective, behavior therapy simply attempts to teach them how to behave properly using direct behavior modification techniques.

For most parents and educators, the best approaches for dealing with children’s behavior problems like ADHD are all combination approaches that utilize every available healthy treatment method possible to heal their children.

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