3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Fitness Camps for Kids

If you are worried about your child’s health and fitness you likely have considered sending them to fitness camp. While these camps claim to provide dramatic results in the children who attend them, many parents are understandably skeptical about the whole process and feel concern about taking what they consider to be a drastic measure to help their child.

Parents considering fitness camp for their child often have a number of important and intelligent questions to ask about the option. Here are three of the most common.

1.    Are Fitness Camps the Same as “Fat Camps”?

Not exactly. Most people have a very specific idea of so-called “Fat Camps” and not a particularly positive impression. Fat Camps were infamous for putting overweight children through incredibly intense and grueling exercise regimes that produced dubious results. These camps were known for making their attendees run for miles on end and consume incredibly low-calorie diets in the effort to provide some sort of visible results for the attendee’s parents. While these camps could result in some dramatic changes, these changes were almost always temporary. Furthermore, the intensity of the experience and the negative reinforcement they provided could be debilitating to their attendee’s self image.

Fitness Camps are much different. Instead of running children through a ridiculous weight-loss program, fitness camps are all about education. There is plenty of fun physical activity at fitness camps, but the focus is on education over abuse. These camps are all about teaching children how to make intelligent choices when it comes to their health and fitness. By focusing on education and positive support Fitness Camps boast a considerably higher long-term success rate compared to old-school “Fat Camps.”

2.    Are Fitness Camps Only for Obese Children?

Any child that could use some proper education on healthy lifestyle choices is a good candidate for attending a Fitness Camp.

Fitness CampThe media tends to be fixated on obesity, and with good reason. Childhood obesity is on the rise and leads to a huge number of health problems in both the short term and long term. Our schools aren’t doing a good job educating children on how to lead healthy lives, and many parents are at a similar loss when it comes to keeping their children within a healthy weight.

But obesity isn’t the only health and fitness problem affecting our youth; it’s just the most dramatic example of a nationwide problem. Some children physically manifest their unhealthy choices by putting on a lot of weight, while other children manifest their unhealthy choices with small and frail bodies. Neither of these groups of children are fit and healthy, but we don’t see a lot of breaking news reports on underweight and weak children. Being overly thin just doesn’t sell as well as being overweight.

If your child experiences any health and fitness problems than Fitness Camp might be the solution they need.

3.    Can I Attend as Well?

There are a number of different reasons why parents might want to attend Fitness Camp with their children. Some parents are concerned about the process and want to make sure their child is in good hands the whole time they attend. Other parents want to show their support for the healthy changes their child is making. Many parents are in need of the education and activity provided by fitness camp themselves. After all, more often than not unhealthy children have unhealthy parents.

While not every Fitness Camp allows parents to attend as well, there are a number of camps which are specifically tailored for both parents and children to attend at the same time. When in doubt, check with the camp that you are considering sending your child to.

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