4 Practical Child Nutrition Tips for Parents

If you’re frustrated that your children are not getting the nutrition they need on a daily basis or are wondering if you are doing the right thing when it comes to feeding your kids, you are not alone. Here are some great child nutrition tips for parents of young or old children that should help get you started on the path to making your kids healthier.

1. Start Early

If you feed your child highly processed, highly unhealthy, and highly addictive junk food for the first few years of their life than you’re going to have a very hard time switching them to a clean diet when they are older.

Anyone who has switched their own diet from unhealthy to healthy understands how difficult this change can be- even when you understand why you’re making the switch. Most adults who eat healthy also understand that their tastes changed when they adjusted their diet. Healthy foods taste unappealing when you’re on a unhealthy diet, but once you make the switch it doesn’t take long before junk food loses its appeal.

Children’s tastes develop at a very early age. The best defense you can give your child against junk food is a taste for healthy food.

2. Set the Right Example

Child NutritionYou won’t have a leg to stand on if you try and get your child to eat healthy while you consume a less than ideal diet. Not only will your child eventually grow to recognize the hypocrisy of this, but it will also be a lot harder to feed your child healthily if your go-to meal is a package of ramen and some ice cream.

When you eat healthy yourself, you will have a deep knowledge of how to healthy meals to feed your child. Keeping their eating clean won’t be a hassle; it will come naturally to you.

Children also develop most of their habits from observing and mimicking their parents. Children of parents who eat healthy are more likely to choose to do so themselves, and are more likely to see it as a good habit to develop.

3. Keep Junk Food Out of the House

The easiest way to make sure you don’t feed your child junk food is to keep the processed garbage out of your house. There’s only one infallible rule when it comes to diet- whatever is in your house WILL get eaten. The only way to make sure you don’t feed your child junk is to make sure it’s never around.

While most of us have the best intentions when it comes to our child’s diet, at the end of the day one rule and one rule alone holds sway over what our kids eat: convenience. If you have Oreos in the house and you need a desert for your child’s dinner, you’re infinitely more likely to reach for the cookies than making something healthy yourself. Instead of relying on willpower in those moments of weakness, keep junk food from ever being an option.

4. Great Diets best Perfect Diets

As mentioned above, convenience is the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to keep your child eating healthy. Attempting perfection when it comes to keeping your child’s diet clean is likely to work as well as attempting perfection with your own diet. Highly inconvenient diets will always fail, even if they look great on paper and would produce the best possible health.

This shouldn’t discourage you from trying to keep your child eating healthy. Instead, this truth should convince you to simply aim for a great diet that is 80% or more composed of healthy, clean, nutrient dense all natural foods. It is far better to  plan a great diet that works in the real world than to plan a perfect diet that can only exist on paper, or in your head, and which will quickly fail in the light of day.

Convenient and great beats impractical and perfect every single time when it comes to child nutrition.

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