How to Identify the Stages of Child Development

The first two years of the stages of child development will be a very exciting time where incredible changes occur in your little one. Whether those changes occur in their physical bodies, or whether they manifest themselves in the ability to speak and reason, it’s important you have a good idea of what you’re in for over course of the next twenty four months.

First Things First- Basic Motor Skills

The biggest changes you’re going to see in your child within the first few months will be in their head and their face. This is the first area of their body to mature, and it’s the first area of their body where they will begin to develop motor skills. Child’s learn how to move their heads and how to create facial expressions well before they can move their bodies with any confidence.

When their body does begin to grow and develop it will start in the center and move outward. So their chest and abdomen will develop before their limbs, and their arms will develop before their hands and fingers develop.

During the first six months most children learn how to thrash their arms and legs, they will begin to reach for people and objects, and some even learn how to sit up on their own using their trunk muscles. Most children will also learn how to lift themselves up off of their stomachs, and they will also learn how to roll from their back to their front and vice versa.

Finer Motor Skills

Between six and twelve months your child will continue to practice and develop both their fine motor skills and the hand-to-eye coordination.  This is the point in the stages of child development where they will begin to learn to pick up objects on their own and examine those objects in their hands. Children also often begin to present you with objects, and to start handing you whatever they find.

It is also possible during these months that your child will be able to start sounding out vocalizations that are very close to the actual name of objects. It is during this time when your child will begin to associate words with objects, and will begin to start recognizing and distinguishing between different words.

Walking and Talking

Stages of Child DevelopmentIt isn’t until between twelve and eighteen months that your child will begin to walk. Some children are able to walk unassisted during this time, others will need to hold onto your hand, or a railing, or some other support. While children are likely to walk more and more during these six months, they are still likely to fall often and to even crawl around at times.

While not all children will begin talking during this stage of child development, it’s fairly common for twelve month old children to begin speaking their first words. During this stage of their development children will also understand your language very well and will begin responding directly to your words directly.

The Toddler Years

Most children are considered toddlers when they are between eighteen and twenty four months old. By this point they have developed the strength and coordination required to not only walk freely, but also to run and jump and generally wreak havoc exploring their world. During these months many children also develop the fine motor skills necessary to scribble, color with crayons and play with other basic creative mediums. Many children will also be able to clothe themselves (excluding buckles and other fastening devices).

During these months your toddler will also continue to expand their vocabulary and the precision with which they are able to choose words and make statements. Most toddlers are able to formulate very short sentences by this point in the stages of child development, and nearly all eighteen to twenty four year olds begin to develop firm opinions about various aspects of their life- such as their toys, what they enjoy eating, etc.

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