The 3 Most Common Baby Skin Rashes and Conditions

There are few things more distressing to new parents than when their baby comes down with their first skin condition. Not only are these conditions often highly uncomfortable for your baby, but they also tend to be very unsightly and can be very scary to see on a young child.

Read on to learn the rundown on the 3 most common skin conditions- how to identify them and what to do if they crop up.

1. Diaper Rash

There is no skin condition among babies more common and more persistent that diaper rash. This condition shows up as a red irritation that often is surrounded by little red dots reminiscent of pimples. As its name would suggest, this skin condition tends to show up in those areas of your child’s body that are covered by their diaper. That includes the bottom of their stomach, the skin around their genitals and anus, as well as on their genitals and their anus as well. While your child’s backside will occasionally develop this rash, it appears on babies’ fronts far more often.

Diaper rash comes from a few different likely sources of irritation. It can be caused if your child is allergic to the material of their diaper (this is most common with disposable diapers) or from cleaning chemical and lotions that you place on them. This skin disorder can also show up if your child’s diaper isn’t changed quickly and often enough.

baby skin rashThe simplest and easiest way to cure your child’s diaper rash is to simply make sure that you always use the highest quality diapers possible and that you change them regularly. Using the gentlest cleaners and lotions possible also works. Most importantly, if identify a certain product that seems to cause this rash you must stop using it immediately.

2. Ringworm

Another well known skin condition that children and babies commonly come down with is ringworm. This skin condition isn’t actually caused by a worm or any other form of bug- it’s caused by a persistent fungus that infects their skin and causes little red marks to erupt on their skin. These little red marks form small circles that are easy to identify due to their hard and scaly edges.


While ringworm is most commonly seen covering the face and head of children, it can occur anywhere on their bodies. Some forms of this skin condition are very itchy and uncomfortable, though most simply aesthetic problems.


Ringworm is so common because it is highly contagious and easy to catch. It tends to spread throughout small communities of children, such as classrooms and daycares, so if your child comes down with it you must take them out of that environment as quickly as possible to prevent an outbreak. While regular interaction and playing can cause ringworm to spread, it usually moves around when children share combs or pillows.

Thankfully ringworm is very easy to treat. Normal over-the-counter creams have been known to cure it outright, though in certain cases the antifungal agent needs to be taken orally and not topically.

3. Scabies

This skin condition looks a lot like your baby has developed a bad case of acne. While the small irritated blemishes your baby accumulates may look the part, scabies actually has nothing to do with acne and is instead caused by a deep infestation of skin mites. You baby can only develop scabies when they come into direct contact with these mites, but most households provide a wealth of opportunities for this to occur. Even if your baby’s skin doesn’t come in regular contact with anyone else’s skin, skin mites are able to survive in sheets and linens and are completely invisible to the naked eye.

If your baby develops scabies than it’s important that you not only treat them with the appropriate topical medication, but that everyone else in your house also treats themselves for the condition. Thoroughly clean your house, and make special care to ensure all sheets and linens have been properly washed and disinfected.

So there you have it, the three most common Baby Skin Rashes and Conditions . There are literally hundreds of different conditions, diseases and ailments that can result in your baby coming down with a case of rash and in most cases it is best to contact your local pediatrician to diagnose the problem. As always it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the health of your little one.

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