How Pesticides In Fruits and Vegetables May Be Killing Your Kids



Commercial produce is full of pesticides and it's slowly killing our children. Should you be buying organic instead?

You thought you were being good parents by buying fruits and vegetables from the supermarket for your kids to have with their meals but did it ever occur to you that the farmer who grew those veggies was spraying them with chemical pesticides that might eventually kill your kids?

Well, that’s easily solved right?  You just take the apples, broccoli, green beans and those fresh oranges and wash them off under cold water because that’s what you were told to do right? Nothing like a good rinsing under some fresh tap water to do the job. All clean, right?

Here’s a better way. You just go down to the local kitchen and home store and buy one of those veggie brushes so you can brush off the dirt and chemicals on the surface, right? Because we all know that these chemical pesticides are on the surface and we can wash and scrub it right off.  All better.

Try again.

Here’s what actually happens across hundreds and thousands of farms across the U.S. every single day. After deciding which vegetables he wants to grow, the farmer will begin to till the land to loosen up the soil and get it ready for planting the seeds. In addition to tilling the soil, he’ll also mix in a batch or fertilizer that is supposed to help the plants grow big and strong so they can fend off bugs, weeds and withstand the heat of the hot summer sun. Some farmers use compost and others use fertilizers with potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus which are all nutrients that help plants grow. So far so good.

After planting the seeds and waiting for some time, the plants begin to mature and grow big and strong. But, there are problems on the horizon as weeds begin to grow, bacteria and fungi start to appear and bugs begin to feast on the leaves of the plants. The plants are in danger and the farmer needs to do something fast to save his crop so he loads up the tractor and begins spraying pesticides across the fields to halt the spread of the organisms that are affecting his crops. The pesticides are meant to destroy or suppress the ‘pest’ that has invaded the fields and sure enough the chemicals do their job and the enemy has been defeated.

But what you do not know is that the chemicals sprayed on those vegetable plants has not gone away and has seeped into the ground and into the plants. The chemical pesticides, referred to as broad-spectrum biocides, have only hidden themselves inside the vegetable plants like a killer lurking in the woods. They’ve not gone away and are merely waiting for the right moment to kill again.

Fast forward to your dinner table as you prepare a healthy dinner with some of your child’s favorite vegetables, fresh from the local farmer. Sure, you washed them in the sink and they LOOK really good and healthy but are they? Have those chemical pesticides the farmer sprayed on them just weeks ago simply disipated into thin air? Could there be some pesticide residue still inside the vegetable or maybe even on the surface where you might have missed when you were washing it? It is very possible.

The question you need to ask yourself is would you feed pesticides to you or your child in any amount. I suspect the answer is NO. If that’s the case, why are you not buying organic produce and saving your children in the process?

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