What is the “Choking Game”?

What is the Choking Game?

If you're wondering what all of these kids have in common, they all played the Choking Game.....and now they're not here.

You may have heard about the “Choking Game” from your school age children and thought it was just some dumb game kids were playing these days but you need to think again. The game these kids are playing is not like anything you’ve ever seen before and it is taking the lives of grandchildren, sons and daughters with it while parents and family members wonder why they didn’t see it coming. This is a deadly game kids are playing, not for the feint of heart.

The choking game has been around for decades, billed as a “safe” way to get a rush or a high from passing out. According to a new study, about 6 percent of adolescents have played it at least once. But doctors believe kids who play it may have little idea how deadly it is.

In the choking game, a person cuts off oxygen and blood flow to the brain with a towel, belt or rope, or hyperventilates until they pass out. When the blood and oxygen rush back to the brain, it creates a euphoric high.

Also called knock out, space monkey or the pass out game, the choking game can lead to brain damage, seizures and head trauma. And for some, like Erik Robinson, the game is fatal.

Erik, a 12-year-old boy from Santa Monica, Calif., loved school, baseball and being part of his Boy Scout troop. His mother, Judy Rogg, said he had lots of friends at his new middle school, one of whom taught him the choking game on the playground one afternoon in April 2010.

The day after Erik learned the game on the playground, he tried it on his own at home after school using his rope from Boy Scouts. Rogg came home and discovered him dead in their living room.

“I figure I missed him by about 10 minutes,” she said.

Rogg said she had never heard of the choking game, and initially didn’t believe the police and the coroner that Erik had been playing it.

“But when my 85-year-old aunt came to Erik’s funeral, she said she used to play it when she was a kid,” Rogg said.

You may be saying to yourself “my kids would never do that” but do you really want to wait and find out if they have or they know a close friend who has? If you read the storie and watch the videos, these kids are just like your children and just like their friends. Everyday normal kids who decided to tempt fate and give it a try.

Although the choking game is not new, very little research has been done to investigate how often it happens or which kids are more likely to try it. But the new study published today in the journal Pediatrics gives a snapshot of who is engaging in this risky activity.

Researchers surveyed nearly 5,400 Oregon eighth graders, and 6.1 percent reported playing the choking game at least once in their lives. Among those who had played, 64 percent had played more than once and 27 percent had done it more than five times. Boys and girls were equally likely to have participated.

The researchers found that kids who participated in the game commonly engaged in other risky health behaviors. About 16 percent of boys and 13 percent of girls who reported using alcohol, tobacco or marijuana on the health survey also reported playing the choking game. Source

Parents, teachers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents…….we cannot sit back and wait for this to happen to our kids. Not every child in this world is strong willed enough to say no to their peers and those are the children that are dying from this “GAME.” If you’re not sure how to handle it, take 8-9 minutes and watch this video and don’t hesitate to watch it with your kids if you’re really not sure what to say to them.

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