Study Shows Active Kids Are Healthier….duh?

Active Kids

A new study recently released is basically confirmation about what just about everyone knows…..that active kids are healthier than sedentary kids. However, it does point out one really important thing and that is we probably spend too much time reducing that sedentary time while we should be spending much more time promoting active time. There is definitely a difference between the two.

British researchers found that after studying over 20,000 children from ages 4 thru 18, that those children who spent more than 35-minutes per day doing physical activities had better cholesterol levels, better blood pressure readings, better insulin levels and smaller waist sizes than those children who spent less than 18-minutes per day doing physical activities. The study concluded that increasing exercise in children may be more important than decreasing the sedentary time.

I know for a fact that parents often tell kids to stop playing their Playstation or Xbox’s but really never give them an active alternative. That is where parents are failing.

Start spending more time finding active things for your children to do and less time scolding them for sitting around doing nothing. It may just make your lazy kids into active kids who are MUCH healthier.

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