Vitamin B Rich Foods List For Kids

Vitamin B Rich Foods

The Pediatrician says your child needs more Vitamin B but does that mean more pill supplements?

You’ve tried everything to get your little one to eat right. Your doctor said he needs more vitamin B in his diet. The doctor said it’s really easy to integrate more foods into his diet . . . but the doctor doesn’t know your son. A vitamin B rich foods list will only take you so far, but if you want him to try new things you know you’ve got to get creative.

Below is a new kind of vitamin B rich foods list that caters to your child’s imagination . . . and hopefully soon to picky tummies.

Clam Chowder under the Sea

Clams are a great source of Vitamin B and B12 . . .  but good luck getting your little ones to eat them! Clams are a bit of an acquired taste and kids describe them as tasting like “boogers”. While you probably don’t want to know how they know that, there are many ways to hide clams and their slimy taste. Try a bowl of clam chowder, rent The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo and decorate the kitchen with construction paper fish. You can hang them from the light fixture if you poke a hole in the tops of the fish and slide a ribbon through.

Steak on the Corral

If your child is stuck on chicken and hotdogs then you know that even getting them to eat something as delicious as steak can be trying. Get creative and wear straw hats. Give the food fun names like “Squirrel’s Sunday Steak” or “Hillbilly Hash French Fries.” Play a game of dinner round up and see who can eat the most mashed potatoes in one minute. Remember when you make it fun kids will be more willing to try more foods in the future.

Cheesy Family Night

Cheese is a kid favorite on the vitamin B rich foods list. Create a family meal night centered on foods with cheese. Tell cheesy jokes . . . the cheesiest wins a prize. Bake up gooey macaroni. Add double doses of vitamin B with a cheeseburger or make a snack tray instead featured crackers, cheese and fruit.

Egg Hunt!

Eggs are an excellent source of many different essential vitamins, especially vitamin B. Make tonight’s dinner a breakfast buffet. Then get out the plastic Easter eggs for an egg hunt in the house no matter what time of year it is! Kids will love getting to do something special and unexpected. Make dinner a fun time to learn. Hide unusual facts about eggs inside the Easter eggs and don’t forget a few prizes!

Gone Fishing

Fish is not only a favorite on the vitamin B rich foods list but also supplies your child with omega 3, a supporter of healthy brain development. Make it a night of fishing fun with fish sticks or a more elegant meal like filet with lemon. Place a sheet between the frames of a doorway and play a game of carnival fishing. All you need is a few bags of candy or prizes, a stick from the yard, a strong piece of twine or string and a clothes pin. Tie the string securely around the stick; place a clothes pin on the end of the string. When your child goes “fishing” you can place a prize on the end of the clothes pin. Viola! It’s instant fun.

Here’s some additional information regarding vitamin B rich foods that you can incorporate into your child’s daily diet.

And here’s another great video showing you some great ways to eat more foods that are loaded with lots of B vitamins.

As with the vitamin B rich foods list, make fun happen with all the food groups. It’s a great way to get your child to try new things and get on the fast track to eating healthier. Though it might not make him love broccoli . . . it might just broaden his horizons to something other than chicken and hotdogs.

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