Helping Your Child Recover from a Tonsil Infection

Tonsil Infection

Tonsil Infections can be very painful, but parents can do a lot to help their child recover quickly.

When your child thinks of a tonsil infection he probably thinks about eating ice-cream for every meal, staying home from school for a whole two weeks and playing video games until the cows come home . . . that is until he actually gets one. From high fevers to nausea and sore little throats, it doesn’t take but a day or two to realize that this tonsil infection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

As a parent, any time your child gets sick is tough but usually when parents think about a tonsil infection they know right away this could mean that their little one has to have their tonsils out. The good news for you, parents, is that surgery is a last resort. Most often antibiotics will be tried and in most cases they work. According to how swollen and inflamed the area is your child may require a short hospital stay. Here they will simply give your child antibiotics through an intravenous drip along with fluids to promote healing.

While your child is healing he or she will require extra love and affection. But there are also other ways you can help your little one recover. Let’s explore a few ways to say goodbye to that tonsil infection and hello to healthier days ahead . . .

Ice Cream, Jell-O and popsicles . . . oh my!

Swallowing his favorite foods may be rather tough when his throat is red and swollen. While it’s a bit cliché, it’s true that your child’s favorite sometimes-treats are perfect for healing. Soups and warm drinks are also great. Your child may or may not be hungry with a tonsil infection so it’s important to push fluids when you can to keep your child well hydrated.

Give Medications on Time

As much as we hate to admit it, at least a dose or two with every antibiotic our children will have to take we will miss, forget or give at the wrong time. If you are having trouble remembering you can set the alarm or event reminder on your cellphone to go off at every interval your child needs a dose of antibiotic. If your phone doesn’t have this feature you can keep a chart that will remind you what time your child had his last dose.

Rewards go a long way!

Having trouble getting your child to take his medicine? Rewards go a long way! Create a treasure chest of small Dollar Store toys or simply offer to read your child his favorite book, play a round of his favorite video game or play a game of Monopoly for every dose he takes. If you have a toddler or infant who refuses to open wide, consider purchasing one of the pacifier medication droppers on the market.  Of course, offer lots of praise after every dose!

Encourage Rest . . .

Easier said than done with a playful tot! When it comes to asking a little one to be still and stay in bed because of a tonsil infection, it is always a task that requires lots of patience! But there are several things you can do to keep your little one under the covers.

  • Create a shoe box filled with fun items. Markers, Play Dough, stickers, blank folded paper to make cards. Your child can even draw pictures for his friends and classmates back at school to read while he’s away.
  • Set up a movie marathon by cutting “tickets” out of construction paper. This makes being stuck in bed seem like a special treat. You can also fill a box with soft treats and let your child pretend it’s the concession stand.

Tonsil infections are never easy for little kids but with lots of love, attention and a pot of chicken soup, you will have them feeling better fast, up out of bed and back to digging up “dinosaur bones” out of your prized begonias in no time!

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