Baby Dynamics Yoga Video – ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

I like to often post images and videos of things that are healthy for our kids and occasionally I’ll post something that is so unhealthy that everyone needs to see it to either (A) never ever do it or (B) try and do something to stop it from happening. In this instance I would have to say this Baby Dynamics Yoga Video is probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen and I hope people realize just how dangerous this is to an infant.

Babies don’t need yoga and especially not this horrific kind of “yoga” in this video.  And really, how can you call this yoga anyways. It’s more like torture and you can hear the cry from the infant that pretty much verifies that.

This baby yoga video is disturbing. Please use caution when viewing and do not let little ones view it. And please also promise me you will promptly call authorities if you see anyone actually doing this.

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