How to Prevent Head Lice During Softball and Baseball Season


How To Prevent Head Lice

Could there be head lice lurking inside of your child's batting helmet?

In a few days it will be March and that means that Baseball and Softball seasons are right around the corner and unfortunately that could also mean Lice outbreaks are right around the corner as well. As we were reminded today in our annual parent coaches meeting to kick off the new softball season, the sharing of batting helmets can also lead to possible Lice issues and there is no better time than now to prepare for possible head lice outbreaks that may occur in your area during the season.

The coaches at our meeting reminded us that sharing helmets has led to lice outbreaks in past years and I thought this might be a perfect time to go over some of the things parents can do to help prevent their children from encountering head lice. The great news is that all of these things are really easy to do and although it may cost you a few extra bucks this season, there is no reason parents can’t do at least one of these things to help prevent a lice problem.

How to Prevent Head Lice During Softball and Baseball Season

1. Consider purchasing your child their own batting helmet. Last year was our daughter’s first year in T-ball and I think out of about 10-12 kids they had probably 5 batting helmets that all of the kids shared. The head of our community softball league encouraged the parents to consider purchasing a helmet for their child if they didn’t already have one, not only because they will have a custom fit to their own heads which is a safety precaution, but also because this will cut the chances that your child will contract head lice from using other kids’ helmets. The time for really good deals on batting helmets is fast approaching so consider purchasing one for your child as it will only set you back about $20-30 for a mid-range helmet. A small price to pay for safety and lice prevention.

2. Even if you plan to purchase a batting helmet for your boy or girl, consider purchasing an aerosol lice killer that you can use to spray the helmet after each use. It’s inevitable that another child will pick up and use your child’s helmet at some point either accidentally or because they like your child’s helmet better and there is very little you can do to stop that. So, err on the side of caution and purchase a good aerosol lice killer spray and use it often.

3. If you suspect there may be a lice issue then consider also vacuuming the helmet after use but make sure you throw away the vacuum bag so the lice do not spread into your own home. Although the aerosol spray to kill the lice is probably a better idea, if you do not have anything on hand then doing a quick vacuum is not a bad option.

While we’re talking about head lice prevention, this is a video that was produced for schools and parents to help them learn more about lice and what they can do to help prevent these sudden outbreaks.

Again, there’s not very much you can do outside of being very vigilant when it comes to preventing head lice in kids, but when it comes to sports and the sharing of batting helmets and the like, make sure you have a game plan in mind so you can prevent the lice issue from affecting your child. And again, with March right around the corner, there is no better time than now to start thinking of purchasing a new helmet…..and aerosol spray lice killer, just in case.

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