ALERT! New CPR Guidelines For Treating Infants and Children!


A parent’s worst fear is that something happens to their child and they’re unable to help since they don’t know CPR or any other life saving methods. And although it’s highly recommended that all adults get CPR training, there are some simple things that everyone can do in a situation where a child (or adult for that matter) has stopped breathing or is in full cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently made a change to the proper CPR steps that everyone needs to know about. In the past, CPR was to be done in the ABC order meaning you would first check the AIRWAY for obstructions, then start COMPRESSIONS and finally provide BREATHING. Now, the AHA recommends that COMPRESSIONS start immediately, followed by AIRWAYS and then BREATHING. This is the CAB method which encourages people to perform the chest compressions immediately, even if they don’t have any formal CPR training, as every second counts when a child’s heart stops beating.

Please watch this Healthy Kids Minute video as it has some very useful tips for emergency situations and provides a good overview on the new CAB method, which can save a child’s life.

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