Asthma Risks Much Higher in Sick, Wheezing Children Study SaysThis past flu season has been especially hard on younger children, especially those that were not lucky enough to have received a flu shot. So when that flu or severe bronchitis hits, we’re all afraid of how severe it could become as the horror stories of prolonged hospital stays are something we hear about more often.

But there are even more risks we need to be aware of and one of those is an an increased risk of Asthma in those children that develop wheezing during their sickness. Find out more from Doctors in Pittsburgh who are seeing big problems in our young children….. [Read More…]


This is a well timed article considering all of the hoopla in New York City regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s quest to rid the city of obesity by making those SUPER large soda’s extinct and illegal. It looks like a judge has overruled him (for now) but the childhood obesity issue rages on in other parts of the country as kids continue to consumer too many sugary drinks. Read on…..

Sweet Drinks Tied to Higher Calorie Consumption in KidsHealth

TUESDAY, March 12 (HealthDay News) — Children who drink sugar-sweetened beverages consume more calories than other children and the beverages are the main reason for that higher calorie intake, a new study reveals.

In addition, children who drink sugar-sweetened beverages eat more unhealthy foods than other children, the researchers found.

Evidence shows that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages — which include sodas, fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks — has risen in the past 20 years.

For the study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 11,000 U.S. children, aged 2 to 18, who were included in national surveys between 2003 and 2010. During this time, children’s consumption of food and sugar-sweetened beverages increased, while they drank fewer non-sweetened beverages.

Further analysis revealed that sugar-sweetened beverages were the primary cause of the increased calorie intake seen among children aged 2 to 11. Both food and sugar-sweetened beverages contributed to increased calorie intake among children aged 12 to 18, according to the report scheduled for publication in the April issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

“Among all age groups analyzed, the energy density (calories per gram) of food consumed increased with higher sugar-sweetened beverage intake,” lead investigator Kevin Mathias, of the department of nutrition at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said in a journal news release.

He said the findings suggest that higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with consumption of foods with high levels of calories.

“This is concerning because many foods that are associated with higher sugar-sweetened beverage consumption (e.g., pizza, cakes/cookies/pies, fried potatoes, and sweets) are also top sources of solid fats and added sugars; components of the diet that the 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommends Americans should limit,” Mathias said.

More information

The American Academy of Pediatrics has more about childhood nutrition.


If you’re sending your kids to school with hand sanitizers thinking they’re safe and wonderful and will prevent the flu and all in the world will be good, think again. I bet you never thought of how much alcohol is in these little bottles and how horrible it could be for your kids. Read on….

Kid’s Health Tip — Watch Out for Hand Sanitizers

Even products that seem beneficial can hurt your kids. Take hand sanitizer for example. While it can keep bacteria and germs off their hands, it can also cause a lot of problems if it is ingested and, let’s face it, little kids spend a lot of time with their hands in their mouths.

Now, kids who lick their hands or just put their hands in their mouths after using hand sanitizer isn’t likely to harm them. The trouble comes for the innate curiosity of kids and thinking that something that smells good probably tastes good, too.
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Fainting in Children

Childhood fainting is a very common issue and can be attributed to many different things, most of which are not life threatening. It can be very traumatic for both parents and the child who fainted as the common reaction is to think there is something seriously wrong. But again the origin of the fainting spell could be something very simple and harmless.

Doctors will tell you that the most common reason for fainting in children is something called “vasovagal syncope” which is really just a term which refers to a fainting spell. It is basically the temporary loss of consciousness due to a decrease of blood flow to the brain caused by a drop in heart rate and blood pressure. But there are a number of very explainable reasons why a child may faint that are not serious and normally require no additional treatment and these are just a few of them: [Read More…]




Commercial produce is full of pesticides and it's slowly killing our children. Should you be buying organic instead?

You thought you were being good parents by buying fruits and vegetables from the supermarket for your kids to have with their meals but did it ever occur to you that the farmer who grew those veggies was spraying them with chemical pesticides that might eventually kill your kids?

Well, that’s easily solved right?  You just take the apples, broccoli, green beans and those fresh oranges and wash them off under cold water because that’s what you were told to do right? Nothing like a good rinsing under some fresh tap water to do the job. All clean, right? [Read More…]


Vegan is Love Book

Author Ruby Roth, a writer of children’s books, is set to debut her upcoming book called “Vegan is Love” on April 24th but a firestorm of criticism from dieticians says the book is just too controversial of a subject for young kids. Roth and many others think differently.

Although written as a kids book, the ideas presented about how people use animals for food, entertainment, medical testing and clothing are more adult in nature which is why the book and Roth has drawn some criticism. [Read More…]


Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Good news from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) today indicating that our children are more safe than ever before, but indications are that unintentional injuries from poisoning and suffocation are actually on the rise in children.

Timothy W. Martin from the Wall Street Journal’s blog on health went on to talk about the report: [Read More…]


What is the Choking Game?

If you're wondering what all of these kids have in common, they all played the Choking Game.....and now they're not here.

You may have heard about the “Choking Game” from your school age children and thought it was just some dumb game kids were playing these days but you need to think again. The game these kids are playing is not like anything you’ve ever seen before and it is taking the lives of grandchildren, sons and daughters with it while parents and family members wonder why they didn’t see it coming. This is a deadly game kids are playing, not for the feint of heart.

The choking game has been around for decades, billed as a “safe” way to get a rush or a high from passing out. According to a new study, about 6 percent of adolescents have played it at least once. But doctors believe kids who play it may have little idea how deadly it is. [Read More…]


Healthy Kids Drinks

Did you know kids should only have 4-6oz of juice per day?

I wanted to pass on this video below mainly because I thought it had some good ideas for cool treats and beverage ideas for kids as we fast approach the spring and summer seasons.

The home made sno-cones made using ice in a food processor, 100% grape juice and some blueberries I think is a great idea. It shows how very easy it is to make a quick, fun and nutritious sno-cone while avoiding all of the extra sugars you get when you buy them at the store or an ice cream shop. I also really liked the idea of Seltzer and Orange juice drink as a substitute for sodas. Again you’re doing everything possible to avoid putting extra sugar in your child’s diet and this is a healthy way to do it. Other take aways from the video include: [Read More…]


whooping cough vaccine

Health officials are urging parents to vaccinate their children against Whooping Cough. Is it the right thing to do?

A recent report has indicated that a new strain of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) is affecting young children and the disturbing part is that the strain is affecting children who have already been immunized. The new Whooping Cough strain appears to be resistant to the current vaccinations used by doctors and health officials are concerned that they may see an increase in Whooping Cough throughout the country. [Read More…]